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others (gays, women, people of color), backed up by soul-degrading Calvinist theology. 


We were members of a large “fundamentalist” Baptist church where I also attended private school, kindergarten through 12th grade. I went to normally eight church services a week of varying types, Sunday School, choir practice, youth group, etc. I was a superstar of “Christian values,” at least on the outside. Inside, deep fear, worry and anxiety gnawed at me constantly.

This description of my early life in North Carolina may give a sense of how my innate ability to self-validate was severely wounded, leaving me starved for true self-care. It was out of this painful condition I eventually found my way into “gay-centered” therapy. 

valuable path for personality development, leading to integration and wholeness as understood in Jungian terms. For me that meant ...(centralize gayness)

I’m a gay white cis-gender man, a licensed psychotherapist in my early 50’s, working mostly with gay men and lesbians for over 15 years in the Los Angeles area. Before that I was a conservatory-trained actor/director trying to make it big in LA. And some time long before that, I was a blue-eyed gay boy growing up in the coastal swamps of Wilmington, NC, in a deeply religious environment that got me to believe that gay boys go to hell. 

My family, early settlers to North and South Carolina, were governed by a deeply confederate mentality, meant to protect the “Southern way of life,” which I now see as a noxious mix of white entitlement and scapegoating of

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